Percy Island Photographs

In July 2005 I set out from Sarina Beach and headed out to the wonderful Middle Percy Island in a small sailing boat called Blue Moon with my friend Luke Benes. After a stop over at the beautiful Curlew Island we arrived at Middle Percy Island on the 16th of July, bringing some gratefuly received supplies for the islands caretakers – a young couple with a dog named ‘Zee’ We stayed on the island for the next two weeks – this was much longer than was originally planned due to the gale force winds that lasted all most a week. I had a wonderful time exploring the island and sleeping in the tree house down near the beach. I spent hours in the A-Frame looking at all of the signs that had been left by passing boats – some from as far away as Scotland, Norway and America. The Homestead on the island was in a sorry state of affairs, as was the historic ship ‘Islander’ which had been build on the island. Percy Island has an amazing history and is definately worth a visit if you are lucky enough to ever be passing that way. Flinders certainly thought so when he stopped at Percy Island.

Middle Percy Island Photographs

Trip Map

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