My Native American (Sioux) Tipi

The Tipi project, which had always been a childhood dream of mine lasted three months and was completed in December 2007! I built an authentic Sioux Tipi using plans from the Laubin’s famous book ‘The Indian Tipi’. The whole project took approximately seventy hours to complete and involved a considerable amount of sewing (cover) and planing (poles). I have had to take down the tipi during the wet season as the fabric is very prone to mildew when constantly exposed to the humidity and rain.

Please visit my teepee resources page, including information on building your own teepee.

Photography by Jonathan Tolhurst using a Nikon D50 Digital SLR. The full beauty of the sky was captured through the use of a polarising filter. The Flash slideshow was transferred from my previous website in February 2008.

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