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Mackay Goospond’s Crocodile Photographs

I finally managed to take some reasonable photographs of the infamous Mackay Goosepond’s Crocodile. The estuarine crocodile was busy sunning itself in its favourite spot on the banks of the Mackay Gooseponds. A small crowd had gathered and a ranger from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service was in attendance. The Rangers plan to catch the crocodile by harpooning him. He will be relocated to a crocodile farm. Update: The Goosepond’s Crocodile was captured in the following months and relocated to a crocodile farm.

My personal view point is that we should learn to love and respect these wonderful creatures.

Photograph (High Quality) for download

Click here to download a high quality photograph of the Goosepond’s Crocodile (2.2MB JPEG – To save right click and select “save target as”. You are free to use this photograph as long as you reference this site).

Gooseponds Croc Video

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