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Australian War MemorialI have just returned from the Australian Capital Territory where I was attending the National Prescribing Service Facilitators Forum and the 2008 National Medicines Symposium. Despite being sick all week I also managed to visit the Australian National War Memorial and Parliament House. Lisa has also been sick this week. Click here to view photographs from my visit to the Australian Capital Territory.

Visiting the war memorial was certainly sobering when you realise how many people were killed in WWI and WWII. I enjoyed the museum although you need to take the descriptive “factual” narrative with a few pinches of salt. There are always more than one side to a story, and many angles to view historic events. The narrative seems to have been written from a very specific idealogical point of view. Click here to view photographs from my visit to the Australian war memorial.

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Based in London, my interests include photography, kayaking, paddle boarding, electric unicycling, teepees, robotics, programming, databases, informatics and pharmacy.

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