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Chesil BeachYesterday I visited the Isle of Portland which is approximately 30 Km East of Fishpond. I took a bus from Weymouth and alighted just before Easton. From this wonderful vantage point I took a number of photographs looking back over Chesil Beach. I then walked along the coast path to Church Ope Cove. On the way to Church Ope Cove I passed HM Prison and also the Borstal. I had fond memories of Church Ope Cove from childhood holidays and I wasn’t disappointed on my return – the beach huts and pebbles make it as picturesque a place as ever. From Church Ope Cove I continued along the coast path to Portland Bill where I climbed up the Lighthouse (£2.50) and also managed to clamber on to Pulpit Rock. I then caught the bus back to Weymouth.

Click here to see more of my photographs from my visit to Portland.

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