Rush at Thorpe ParkOn Saturday I headed down to Thorpe Park with a car load of people from work. Despite the light rain it was great fun. First up was the new Saw ride (8/10) followed by the Samurai (5/10) and my favourite ride ‘Rush’ (8/10). This was followed by Zodiac, the rumba rapids and Nemesis Inferno (7/10). We then queued for the best part of  two hours to spend twenty eight seconds on the Stealth ride (8/10) which was high epinepherine. The next ride was ‘storm in a tea cup’  (4/10) which made me feel seasick, followed by the water rides Loggers Leap (6/10) and Tidal Wave (8/10) . The last ride of the day was Vortex (7/10) which was also good fun. Definately recommended as a day out – just try to avoid the crowds as even on a rainy day it’s busy!

No photos ths week 🙁