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Canoe Trip Day 1: Neptune’s Staircase to Loch Lochy

Lisa TolhurstLisa and I set off on our Canoe Trip at about 10 O’Clock. We hired the Canoe from Boots n Paddles who dropped off the boat at the top of Neptun’s Staircase. After quickly packing the boat we set off towards Loch Lochy along a sheltered stretch of the Caledonian canal. At the end of the stretch of canal we made our first portage around the locks at Gearlochy. We continued on into Loch Lochy where we met some more challanging weather. After a couple of hours of hugging the northern bank of the Loch we came to our first campsite where we set up camp. We dried our clothes on the open fire and enjoyed a hard earned meal. In total we managed 20 Kilometres which was reasonable considering the conditions. A truly wonderful day.

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