In search of the Cannington Viaduct

Cannington ViaductThis Weekend I headed home to Dorset for yet another weekend with my family. Molly and I set out early on Saturday morning in search of Cannington Viaduct. We walked for approximately two hours before reaching the grade two listed structure that was part of the old Axminster to Lyme Regis branch railway. The Viaduct was one of the first structures of its kind to be made entirely out of concrete and dates back to 1903. From the viaduct we continued on down in to Lyme Regis and along the beach to Charmouth, pausing for approximately half an hour to allow the tide to drop. Despite waiting for the tide to fall, Molly still managed to get swept in to the sea by a large waves as we made our way along the sea defences. Further tribulations were to follow as we got half way across the cow field, only to be stampeded by forty cows who took exception to Molly’s presence. I had to stand our ground while backing slowly towards the gate, before throwing a terrified Molly over to safety. I quickly followed, aided by an immense rush of adrenaline – a close shave indeed. In total we walked 25Km. On returning to Fishpond we relaxed in the garden for the rest of the afternoon, making the most of the late winter sun. I returned to Swindon on Sunday evening expecting another busy week¬† at the office.

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