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The Big Move

David and YvonneSaturday was an early rise – at 06:30 I was up and dismantling the bed that I had slept in the previous night. The ‘man and van’ arrived at 08:00 and we spent the following hour and a half packing as much furniture and boxes into the van as possible. The most difficult items were the sofa and washing machine. Extreme care was required on the slippery steps down from the first floor flat. The drive over to David and Yvonne’s new house in Honiton took about 45 minutes. On arrival we unpacked the van before bring  joined by Rebekah and Tim as well as the parents. We spent the afternoon cleaning and moving the larger items into position as well as enjoying a game of sponge football in the stadium sized conservatory.  In the evening we all enjoyed a well earned pizza and a pint at the Railway gastro-pub. After a morning walk and sunday lunch in Exeter I headed back up to Swindon in the Sunday evening.

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