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Mum’s 60th Birthday Celebrations

Shave Cross HoundThis weekend I headed down to Exeter on Saturday morning where I met my brother and his family before joining them at their home in Honiton. En route we visited the garden centre to pick up some giant pots and shrubs. I looked after William for an hour in the afternoon whilst David and Yvonne took Molly for a walk in the fields. David and I hit the Honiton pubs in the evening and ended up in the town’s only club, suitably titled ‘The Pit Club’. On Sunday we headed across to Fishpond where we were joined by the rest of the family to celebrate my mother’s 60th birthday with a meal at the Shave Cross Inn. The food was lovely and we all had a good time. I returned to Swindon on the train after a truly enjoyable weekend.

Only one night to go before I leave for Thailand!

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