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Thailand: Day 1

Bangkok TrafficTook the train from Swindon to Reading, picking up the bus to Heathrow Airport Terminal five. Another local bus later and I arrived at Terminal four where I headed straight for departures. Checked in my baggage, before swiftly making my way through security. The flight to Mumbai was delayed by an hour due to the plane arriving late in London. Eight hours passed by quickly, arriving in Mumbai after managing to sleep most of the journey. Noted the large slum that surrounds part of the airport. I would describe the airport as a giant building site – a lot of improvement works in progress. I had to run through the terminal to catch the connecting flight to Bangkok, but wasn’t alone – virtually every English person on the first flight was heading on to Thailand. The flight to Bangkok was not quite a comfortabe as the first, although thankfuly was only four hours in duration.
Arriving in Bangkok, the passage through immigration was as slow as ever. I took Express bus 4A to Siam square from where I navigated my way across the city to my Hotel – the DMA Ramada. Bangkok is as crazy as it was last time I visited, nine years ago. Heat, traffic and so many people. I checked in to my room on the 23rd floor with ana amazing view across the city. After a quick shower I headed out for a look around, some food and a beer before retiring early back to the hotel.

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