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Thailand: Day 2

Bangkok ShrineGot up and down to breakfast at around 7am, but returned to bed, really quite confused by the jet lag. Headed out for a quick reconisance before heading to the hotel pool on the eight floor of the building. There were no less than six couples made up of fifty something western males with large beer bellies accompanied by young Thai women – how very cliche!
Turned myself into a lobster in a couple of hours of pool side silliness. As always, I’ll turn brown in a few days but should have listened to Baz Luhrman and put on some sunscreen. Took some cityscape photographs from the eigth floor as the sun went down, before heading out in to the crazy streets again. Took along walk around the streets in the darkness, managed to set up some spectacular shots of the car light trails. Navigated from memory using the tall buildings as markers. The streets were packed with people, food stalls traffic. Grabbed some wonderful food at a street stall before returning to my hotel. Witnessed how rude some of the westerners (English) are to the local people – it’s quite shocking.

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