The Big Paddle at Symonds Yat

The Big PaddleThis weekend I headed back to Symonds Yat with Carrie for the ‘Big Paddle’ event. This event put on by Palm who are celebrating 30 years in the kayak business; my first ever kayak was a Palm manufactured ‘Falchion 385’. Arriving late on Friday as the sun was setting we put up arguably the smallest tent on the camp site right next to the largest tent. On Saturday morning we took a shuttle bus which took us to Ross on Wye where we inflated my new inflatable canoe. Before anyone asks this is obviously not the sea kayak that I will be undertaking my trip this summer! The inflating process took about ten minutes and I was very pleased with the results. I now have a canoe and a bike that can both be packed into a small suitcase. Four hours glorious paddling took us back down to the camp site and a further half-hour then took us down in to the event village at Symonds Yat  -a distance of 16 miles. Paddling back upstream to the camp site took about an hour as we battled the downstream current. On Saturday evening we attended the event party in the big top which was good fun. The inevitable rain arrived on Sunday morning so we packed up the canoe, tent and hit the road after a thoroughly enjoyable and value for money weekend.