Day 1: Sennen Cove to Fishermans Cove

Basking SharkAwoke at 4am in the morning, both apprehensive and excited. A quick continental breakfast was followed by a rush down to Sennen Cove to meet Kevin from ‘Wild Things’ to take delivery of the kayak. We went thoroughly through the gear and everything was to specification.

The next hour was spent packing the kayak – surprisingly everything fitted! I decided against deploying the sail as it would have made the boat rather unstable and could have posed a serious risk when exiting through heavy surf.

I set off at 10:30 into perfect conditions after saying goodbye to Carrie, Tim and Rebekah. Headed out across the bay towards Cape Cornwall – England’s only cape. I then continued along the coastline admiring the impressive sea cliffs before reaching Porthereas Cove where I paddled with two Basking Sharks – one of which was more than six metres in length. The experience was awesome!

I continued around the coastline to St Ives and then across St Ives bay to Godfrey Island where I passed through the gap between the island and the mainland. Finally rounding Navax point I landed at Fishermans Cove where I chatted to numerous people. The people on the beach were a strange mixture of naturists and families, both probably attracted to the seclusion of the cove. I set up my swag and cooked some rice. Late evening the cove hosted an impromptu nude photo shoot which was rather amusing. I fell asleep like a log after a beautiful day out on the water.