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Day 13: Clevedon to Slimbridge

High TideAwaking early I knew that I had quite a trip to come! I would be riding the second highest tide in the world all the way up the Severn Estuary to the docks at Sharpness. I checked my tidal calculations twice to make sure that I would arrive on high tide at Sharpness. Failure to arrive at hight tide would have serious consequences – I certainly didn’t want to be stuck in the mud.

I departed Clevedon after an early lunch and made my way out into the deeper water channel. I soon felt the force of the tidal stream, as it started to drag me towards the second Severn crossing. Passing through the shoots tidal race which runs through the central span of this bridge was great fun, as was the Hen and Chickens tidal race which is encountered under the first Severn crossing.

The final stretch just involved running the tide up to Sharpness where I landed dead on high tide outside of the lifeboat station. I was met by the volunteer lifeboat crew who didn’t seem to believe that I could have come from Clevedon! Revisiting the chart, I couldn’t believe I had come so far in such a short space of time, the tide in the Severn is certainly an awesome¬†phenomenon.

After helping me to put the boat into the Gloucester and Sharpness canal I continued on my way, arriving at Slimbridge about 7:30. A lovely pub meal followed, after which crashed out besides the canal towpath. A fantastic day out on the water!

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