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Day 14: Slimbridge to Gloucester

Setting out from Slimbridge I continued along the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal towards Gloucester. The most notable feature of the canal is the great number of swing bridges – each manned by a bridge keeper – it must cost an absolute fortune to run! Arriving into Gloucester I pulled the boat up outside Sainsburys and popped in to buy some groceries. As I went into the store the security guard gave me a funny look and then proceeded to follow me around the store. This I first found very amusing, bit it got rather annoying after a while.
I spent the afternoon relaxing around the quayside, soaking up the sun and atmosphere whilst waiting for my sister to arrive with Holly and Emily (my nieces). We went for a meal at Nandos before I say goodbye and headed off up the River Severn in my kayak. I paddled on for an hour and a half before rough camping in a Cowfield.

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Based in London, my interests include photography, kayaking, paddle boarding, electric unicycling, teepees, robotics, programming, databases, informatics and pharmacy.

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