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Day 21: Liverpool to Preston

Ribble LinkAwoke early with the wind still blowing hard – Not a good smell under the bridge! Packed up and set off into thick cloud and rain. I paddled on for about an hour before stopping for breakfast in Buscorough. I continued on along the Leeds and Liverpool canal before turning off down the Rufford branch. Eight locks later I reached Talerton where the canal interfaces with the tidal Douglas river. The tide was on the rise but the water was still falling. I calculated that I would just about have enough time to get to the confluence with the river Ribble, some 5Km down the estuary. So I launched into the Douglas through rather slippery mud. I found myself stck in the mud on first attempt and had to rock myself out of trouble! I paddled along the flow – the estuary was truly beautiful with a huge range of esturine birds on display. As I reached the confluence with the Ribble a large wave approached – the incoming tide; I had arrived just in time as this incoming flow now propelled me up the Ribble towards Preston. Shooting back up the Ribble I turned off into the Millenium Ribble link. British Waterways staff were very helpful. I made my way up the nine locks and onto the Lancaster Canal. After portaging around an agitated swan I continued along to the Hand and Dagger Pub where I finished the day enjoying a pint and a meal. A wonderful day out on the water!

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