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Day 32: Stranraer to Ailsa Craig to Kildonan

Ailsa Craig LighthouseAfter a really good nights sleep (and full breakfast) in the bed and breakfast I packed up the kayak and trolleyed it down to the sea front. I then had to walk it out about 500 metres as the tide was right out. I set out at around 08:00; following the coast as I wanted to avoid the ferries which operate out of Stranraer. I had to wait for several as one fo the ferry terminals was on my route. On leaving the sea loch I headed out towards Ailsa Craig in very good conditions. It took me around five and a half hours to reach the island, pausing only to allow two trawlers to pass in front of me. On arrival I was met be several inquisitive seals. I was planning to spend the night on the island but the RSPB warden insisted that this was not possible and that I would have to leave. He didn’t seem to care in the slightest that I might be knackered and hungry after paddling 35Km. In hindsight I should have probably just refused to leave but the guy was giving me the creeps so I set a course for the Pladda Island which lies just off  Arran. By this time the wind had picked up and was now against the tide. The sea was like a washing machine with white horses breaking regularly over the boat. After about an hour and a half paddling I noticed a large wake and a tall black object coming towards me at great speed. As it got closer I became aware that it was a submarine and coming straight for me. I began to freak out as it got closer and closer. I paddled like crazy trying to get out the way but it was coming to quickly.  I was just about ready to face imminent death when it passed about 100 metres to the left of me. What followed was the most violent wake that I have ever experienced, although I was just glad to still be alive. I continued on past Pladda island before beaching at Kildonan. I got some tea and had a few pints to settle the nerves at the Kildonan hotel before returning to the beach to sleep after an eventful day.

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