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Day 35: Ardrishaig to Crinan to Clachan-Seil

Jonathan at CrinanSetting off from my canal-side camp I felt a little damp as it had rained in the night. The Crinan Canal was completely still as I paddled along to the locks at Cairnbaan. I pulled the kayak out of the water and hauled it for around two kilometres around nine locks (four ascending and three descending). The water in the canal looked very dark. The final section of the canal was rather impressive with deep cuttings into the rock before finishing up in the small village of Crinan. On reaching Crinan I got a couple of Bacon Butties for breakfast and chatted for a while with another kayaker who was testing a home built out-rigger canoe. As I would have to wait for the tide I went into the Crinan hotel for a soft drink and to check the weather on my laptop. For lunch I sampled some rather delicious Goulash as made by a Slovakian chef! Setting off from Crinan into thick rain and mist across Loch Crinan I headed for Craignish Point and then North West to Shuna. At one stage I was only five kilometres East of the Gulf of Corryvrecken, the site of the second largest whirlpool in the world. I stopped briefley to listen for the crunching noise that the whirlpool is supposed to make! I tried really hard to hear something but it obviously wasn’t raging today! Passing the Western coast of Shuna the tidal stream accelerated and pulled me up past the island of Torsa and into the Seil Sound. Wind was blowing from the South East for most of the time. I had quite considerable lower back pain for the final couple of hours but managed to block out the pain. I pulled the boat up right next to the Bridge over the Atlantic and headed into the Pub where I booked into a room for the night. Another fantastic day out on the water, despite the damp conditions!

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