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Day 30: Monreith to Stranraer

Overnight I was not happy with the Westerly winds and tide to get me safely around the Mull of Galloway. After careful consideration I decided that the other option of kayaking up into Luce bay and then dragging the kayak across the land to Stranraer. So off I set along the coast towards Luce Sands, enjoying some spectacular coastline. Wind was not strong but was blowing from the West. On reaching Luce bay I headed to the Eastern corner where I got out of the boat. I then pulled the boat across the sand flats, through some marshland and into a forest where I chatted to two rather bemused sailors who couldn’t quite believe what I was up to. I then dragged the boat along minor roads all the way to Stranraer. I hadn’t had any breakfast or lunch so by the time I arrived into Stranraer I was literally on my knees. I dragged the boat a total of 14 Kilometres! I checked into a bed and breakfast before heading down to Morrisons to get some supplies and a Sandwich.

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Based in London, my interests include photography, kayaking, paddle boarding, electric unicycling, teepees, robotics, programming, databases, informatics and pharmacy.

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