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Day 28: St Bees to Brighouse Bay

Port MaryAwoke from a beautiful nights sleep under my rock ledge, although my eyes were rather dry from the smoke. Setting off from St Bees the original plan was to just head around the corner to Workington. However, the weather forecast wasn’t going to get any better in the next few days for a crossing. So, as I rounded St Bees North Head I set my course out across the Irish Sea towards Port Mary. I battled my way through Northerly headwinds – to say it was choppy put in the middle would be an understatement! Marvelled at the large wind farm further up the Solway Firth. The last 10 kilometres were a total killer – I felt like a spent force but managed to muster the energy from somewhere. I dragged the kayak up on to the rocky beach that was Port Mary. Not a port by any description; just a beach with no access road! Scrambled through thick undergrowth to reach a farm who kindly gave me some water. Cooked some food before continuing along the coast past Kirkcudbright range (checked with coastguard to ensure that there would Island and its lighthouse before arriving into Brighouse bay. I then walked over to the Holiday camp where I had some food and a few drinks with some of the holidaymakers – a lovely bunch of people. A great day (even if it drained every last bit of energy from my body!

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