Day 36: Clachan-Seil to Eilean Balnagowan

After a night of drinking with the locals in the pub at Clachan-Seil I got up rather late! This fitted in with my plans for the day anyway as I needed to wait for the tide to begin the flood before continuing. After a steak and ale pie I set off under the ‘Bridge over the Atlantic’ and continued Northwards along Clachan sound. I continued onwards reaching Oban, which looked rather beautiful from the water. Just after passing Oban I came across a sea otter which I watched from around ten metres. I also came across three herons who were hanging out with a seal pup – it is quite unusual to see herons together.

Continuing along the coast I passed several bays before finally reaching Castle Stalker. It was a little bit of a let down, although to be fair the conditions were not that great. I continued onwards for another hour and a half before stopping for the night on a small island in Loch Linnhe. I shared the beach with a more than a few pairs of gulls.