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Day 39: Loch Lochy to Loch Ness

Loch Ness CampAfter a beautiful day of relaxation and reflection on the banks of Loch Lochy (at my favourite camp site)  I set off into the Loch  and onwards towards Inverness. Continuing on through the rest of Loch Lochy I passed through Laggan Locks and on to the second part of the man made section of the canal. At Laggan there were two Spaniels running a muck around the lock gate walkways. Unfortunately one tried to run around the walkway as the lockgate opened and so ended up in the lock chamber! Continuing on, I reached Loch Oich which was as beautiful as ever, before reaching the Alberchalder swing bridge where I stopped for some lovely cake and sandwich at the little cafe, as well as a look at the historic Bridge of Oich.

I continued on to Fort Augustus where I portaged around the staircase of locks. I stopped off for some food at the Lock Inn and got some supplies at a rather expensive ‘supermarket’. Putting the boat into Loch Ness I paddled up the Southern side, finding a beautiful spot to spend the night. I set up camp in the early evening and enjoyed a beer while admiring the view. Another wonderful day!

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