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Day 40: Loch Ness to Dores

Dores InnI got up early and stoked up a fire before eating breakfast and enjoying the view of Loch Ness. I got going at around lunch time, by the this time the wind had got up, which was actually helping me on my way for once! Paddling past Foyers I continued down the Loch, stopping on several occasions to explore and give my back a rest. I continued all the way to Dores where I headed to the Inn for a beer. Returning to the kayak to push it into the forest and set up camp I was shocked to see the amount of rubbish left by other campers. People had left bags of rubbish everywhere – it must be horrible for the people who live in the village. After setting up camp, I returned to the pub for some food and further drinks – I had a good chat with some local people and also some guys who had hired Canoes in Fort William.

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Based in London, my interests include photography, kayaking, paddle boarding, electric unicycling, teepees, robotics, programming, databases, informatics and pharmacy.

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