Rebekah and Tim get Married

Rebekah and Tim KidnerThis weekend I headed back to Dorset for the wedding of my sister Rebekah who has married Tim. Heading back down on Friday afternoon it was great to see all of my family as I had not seen most of them in over two months. After catching up we headed over to the Fairwater hotel for a BBQ and a few drinks. Saturday arrived and the house was full of excitement. As official photographer I tried to get as many photographs beforehand as possible before we all headed down to the tiny church along the road for the service. After the service we got a few more photographs before heading over to the Fairwater Hotel where the reception was to be held. I took some of the group photographs in between the rain showers, and kept taking pictures into the night. Everyone seemed to have a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and evening and I was very pleased with the photographs which I took  – Rebekah and Tim are both very photogenic anyway (which does help). I headed back to Swindon on Sunday evening after a lovely weekend.