A Trip to Greenwich and Docklands

Canary WharfOn Thursday I had a lieu day to use up so headed down to London for the day. I had been reading about Captain Cook’s journal on my new Kindle e-book so first stop was the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich to check out one of the original journals. I had hoped to get some photographs around the old naval college but unfortunately that wasn’t possible as they were using the place to film the new Pirates of the Caribbean film. It was very interesting to look around the set anyway. Next I headed up the hill to the royal observatory and the Meridian line. I had forgotten what a spectacular view you get of the city from this point! After some lunch I headed down to Docklands where I had a bit of a wander before stopping at a bar and doing some people watching. I wasn’t completely convinced that the people in suits who were drinking in there at half past two on a Thursday afternoon are the people who I’d trust with our nations economy but anyway, I enjoyed my drink and moved on. Next stop was Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street before I headed back to Paddington and back up to Swindon on what is apparently the most expensive rail journey per mile in Europe.