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Bristol Half Marathon

Bristol Half MarathonThis weekend I headed across to Bristol to take place in the half marathon. I headed over on Saturday to meet up with Rebekah and Tim who had just returned from their honeymoon in Kenya. I spent the morning shopping and wandering around harbourside before heading up to Ashton Court to visit the International Kite Festival. The kites were very impressive, it’s just a shame that the guy on the PA system wouldn’t shut up for more than a few seconds and let people enjoy the atmosphere. On Saturday evening we headed back to Rebekah and Tim’s house where we cooked up some food on the BBQ. I managed to have one too many drinks considering I was meant to run 13 miles the following morning.
Awaking early on Sunday morning I prepared myself for the exercise ahead. Arriving into the centre of Bristol I somehow managed to find my friend Carrie and eventually we set off at the back of the final wave of runners. I ran really well, settling down into quite a rhythm and the first ten miles flew by. In the end I finished in 01:57:08 – not bad considering I had not completed any training and had been drinking the night before. But, boy will I pay for it over the coming days.

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