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Eastbourne – Beachy Head – Birling Gap – Eastbourne

Beachy Head Car WreckHeading out early from my Eastbourne accommodation, I marched along the seafront in a Westerly direction towards the path up to Beachy Head.  Arriving at the headland I spent an hour or so to admire the beauty of the place. I was really moved by some of the memorials and tributes to those who had taken their lives at this rather notorious suicide spot. After more than a few photographs I continued onwards over the downs to Birling Gap where I checked the tides before climbing down on to the beach and continuing along under the seven sisters cliffs. A must visit for any Robin Hood ‘Prince of Thieves’ fan, this location was used at the start of the film. Making a U turn, I took the beach all the way back to Eastbourne. I spent several hours taking photographs, mostly focussing on the lighthouse. Again, it was quite a moving experience at the base of Beachy Head. The area was littered with Engines, Chassis and wheels from various cars that had come over the cliffs, each I am sure has a sad and sorry story to tell. Retrieving the bodies cannot be an easy task. Continuing onwards, I came across a female seal, but she disappeared before I had a chance to change lenses.Reaching Cow Gap I returned to the coast path and headed back into Eastbourne after a beautiful but rather poignant day.

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