The South Wales Three Peaks Trial (33Km)

On Friday I headed off to Abergavenny with some friends to take part in the South Wales Three Peaks Trial in which we walked the gold route. This is in preparation for tackling the three peaks of Ben Nevis, scawfell Pike and Snowdon in the summer. Friday evening was spent in a pub where we worked out the route over a few drinks. We stayed the night at the Pyscodlyn Caravan park where I used my trusty my bivy bag (which I used on last year’s kayak expedition) and got a better nights sleep than the others who slept in the tents.

This actual event  involved the ascent of three mountain peaks: Blorenge (559m), Sugar Loaf (596m) and Sirrid Fawr (486m). After registering, we set off from Abergavenny at around 08:15 and headed towards Blorenge where we scrambled our way up to the peak and our first checkpoint. The descent was much easier which was followed by a walk along the canal path and across the valley to the second checkpoint at Glangrwyney Bridge. The second peak involved a less taxing ascent along a long ridge. after checking in at the top of sugar loaf, we headed back down the other side of the mountain before stopping at the pub for some lunch and a drink. The final peak of Sirrid Fawr wasn’t quite a high as the other two peaks although the final 100 metres were pretty steep! From the checkpoint at the top, it was a simply a case of wandering back down to Abergavenny to check in just before 18:00 and enjoy a cup of warm soup after a wonderful day out on the hills. The weather was pretty much perfect for walking (dry and cool), although not for photography due to the substantial haze.

Stats were as follows: Total Distance: 33.04 Km | Moving Time: 7 Hours 40 Minutes | Stopped Time: 2 Hours 15 Minutes | Moving Average: 4.3 km/h | Overall average: 3.3km/h | Total Ascent: 1481 metres

Below are a few photographs from the day.

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