Folding Kayak Adventures: Stuck on the beach at Torcross

Day 9: Awaking early to the sound of a strong breeze and waves dumping on the beach I soon realised that unless the wind and waves dropped off then there would be little chance of getting my wooden framed, canvas skinned craft off the steep pebble beach at Torcross without risking damage to the vessel. The waves were dumping at exactly 90 degrees on to the beach. After watching a local man take three attempts to get through the wave on a surfboard to take additional buoyancy to a small boat anchored off the beach I decided it was not worth the risk, so decided walk barefoot back along the coast to look at the lost village at Hallsands and the lighthouse at Start Point.

From Torcross I headed up on to the cliff path before coming down into Beesands where I stopped for a coffee and ice cream in the Britannia Beach Cafe. Just before the Cafe I came face to face with several large Conger Eels which had been hung out to dry on a rack waiting to be cut up and used as bait in the pots. Continuing West, the path went back up on to the Cliff before returning to the beachfront in Hallsands. Back on the cliff there was a lookout platform where you could view what is left of the old lost village which disappeared over the last century due to the removal of gravel by dredging in the area at around the turn of the last century. A further 1NM brought me to start Point Lighthouse where I was able to watch the race under wind against tide conditions.  On my return leg I stopped for lunch at the pub in Beesands before spending the rest of the day on Torcross beach eagerly awaiting a change in the conditions.



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