Folding Kayak Adventures: London to Penzance

Day 1: For my main holiday in 2013 I decided to kayak along the south coast of England in my Wayland folding kayak. After several months of planning, the day finally arose to get the kayak down to my start line in Penzance. My luggage for the trip included the folding kayak and trolley, a dry bag containing my swag, and a waterproof rucksack containing the rest of my gear. From leaving home in South Norwood I took a pre-commuter slow train into London Bridge. I didn’t fancy trying to take the folding kayak all the way across London during rush hour, so at London Bridge I hailed a black cab to take me to Paddington Station where my gear was loaded into the Penzance train’s guard’s carriage.

The journey from London took over five hours. From the station at Penzance I wheeled my kayak to the seafront where I carefully assembled the craft. I checked over the assembled vessel several times – this was the first time that I had assembled the rudder so wanted to make sure that I had got this working perfectly. After a quick trip to the shops to pick up some provisions and tea I called it a night. The kayaking would begin in the morning.

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