Oru Kayak Adventures: Vauxhall to Surbiton

Today I paddled my Oru kayak from Vauxhall in London all the way up river to Surbiton. After arriving at Vauxhall Station I headed down to the river and assembled the boat before getting under way from a spot near the MI6 building at around about the bottom of the tide. This was my first trip out on to the Thames Tideway. I made my way slowly up river against the flow taking in the spectacular view whilst keeping a look out for larger vessels and countless rowing crews. The route took in the course of the University Boat Race (from Putney Bridge to Chiswick) which takes place next Saturday. I was amazed by the huge number of Herons along the river.

The river is tidal all the way up to Teddington Lock which is famous for being an important assembly point for the flotilla of small vessels which took part in the Dunkirk evacuation during the second world war. I paused for about 5 minutes at the Teddington portage before getting back on the water for the final stretch towards Kingston-upon-Thames.

My trip finished opposite Raven’s Ait where I packed up before heading for Surbiton station. In total I had paddled 20 miles upstream under 12 bridges and made 2 portages. In all, a fantastic day out on the water.

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