Eastbourne – Birling Gap – Eastbourne

Today I used my non-working day to take a trip down to Eastbourne and walk along my favourite part of the South Downs Way. True to form, the trains were severely delayed due to signalling issues but I finally arrived into Eastbourne around 11am where I headed straight down to the beachfront and began walking west along the seafront. As soon as I got to the downs, the missed came down meaning visibility was very poor, but good enough to see several emergency vehicles speed along the road. On reaching the Beachy Head area it was clear that there had been an incident. I continued along the cliffs past Belle Toute lighthouse and finally down into Birling Gap where I took my annual photographs of the coastguard cottages before using the steps to access the beach and continue walking West along the Seven Sisters for several hundred meters. The steps down to the beach had been out-of-action during my last few visits due to erosion. After returning to Birling Gap, I got some lunch at the Cafe before heading back to Eastbourne. It was very sad to pass the ongoing coastguard recovery operation taking place at the cliff edge. On arriving back in Eastbourne I took a look at the works to repair the fire damaged pier before heading back to London on the train.

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