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SUP Armada 2015

Today I headed down to the Queen Mother Reservoir near Datchet to take part in the Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Armada. Getting there on the train with my iSUP was quite a lengthy process – from Selhurst to Clapham Junction (20 mins) and from Clapham Junction to Sunnymeads Station (50 mins) , followed by a 35 minute walk. After registering, I spent my time paddling around the impressive reservoir which sits right under the flight path of all of the planes landing at Heathrow, you also get a great view of Windsor Castle. The aim of the SUP Armada was to try and beat the world record for the most number of stand up paddle boarders paddling together down a 1 mile course whilst raising money for charity. The weather was absolutely perfect for paddleboarding in the morning, although the breeze had picked up by the afternoon. All in all I had a lovely time out on the water.


SUP Armada @ Queen Mother Reservior

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