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Get Fit 2016 – Week 1 Stair Climb

One of my new year’s resolutions was to get back some of my fitness. During the first week of 2016 I took to briskly walking up and down the first THIRTY¬†floors of Guy’s Tower each lunch break. Guy’s tower is the tallest Hospital building in the world (142 m), although it is dwarfed by the adjacent Shard (306 m).

Day Time
4th January (Monday) 11:23
5th January (Tuesday) 10:24
6th January (Wednesday) 09:59
7th January (Thursday) 09:55
8th January (Friday) 09:41

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Based in London, my interests include photography, kayaking, paddle boarding, electric unicycling, teepees, robotics, programming, databases, informatics and pharmacy.

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