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Ninebot One | Clapham Common Skate Park

This morning I headed down to the skate park on Clapham Common with my Ninebot One Electric Unicycle. The skate park looked to be pretty new and in good condition with a good selection of slopes, boxes and steps, together with a high quality surface making it an excellent choice for electric unicycling. My favourite apparatus was the large angled slope in one corner. Ideally it’s probably best to visit on a weekday as dry weekends get pretty busy, especially in the afternoon. The park was noticeably less diverse than all of the other ones that I have visited.

Clapham Common Skate Park 1

Clapham Common Skate Park

Clapham Common Skate Park 2

Clapham Common Skate Park  – the angled slope was a favourite of mine.

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