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Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboarding Electric Pump

I purchased my iSUP board about a year ago and absolutely love paddleboarding! The iSUP concept has been perfect for my London lifestyle, where I have limited storage, and use public transport. My only issue has been the time it takes to pump the board to the required pressure using a hand pump – it was taking me about 40 minutes to get my board ready for use.

I did some research into electric pumps and after wasting £15 on a cheap “compressor” style pump which died halfway though the first trial inflation, I finally opted for the BRAVO 12V Air Pump Inflator BTP12. There are two versions of this (I opted for the digital version), both of which can be purchased from various sellers on E-bay and pumps up to 14.5PSI. Most other battery powered pumps available do not reach this pressure. I then purchased a 12V 8.5 Ah lead acid battery. A few trial inflations showed that the setup would work perfectly – the pump gets the board to the required pressure in under 4 minutes. Unable to take my new pump on to the water, I then purchased a 80L Pacsafe stuffsack. The stuffsack is contained within a wire bag which can be securely fastened to an immovable object. I now have a fast method to get the board ready, and somewhere secure the place the pump. This makes the after-work paddle much more feasible.

  • BRAVO 12V Air Pump Inflator BTP12 D
  • 12V 8.5 Ah lead acid battery (this fits inside the BRAVO bag)
  • Pacsafe 80L Stuffsack

Eastbourne – Cuckmere Haven (Walk)

On Saturday we took the train down to Eastbourne and walked all the way to Cuckmere Haven. I was very interested to see the extent of erosion at Birling Gap.

Alcohol Free February 2014

I missed the traditional new year alcohol free month of January, but made a deal with one of my sisters that if she abstained during January then I would do the same in February. Four weeks later I can say that I successfully completed this challenge, although I am enjoying a beer whilst writing this…. I even managed to create a web application using FPDF to allow users to print out a customised month calendar for this kind of challenge (Example below).


A visit to the Thames Barrier

A few photographs from my walk along the Thames path from North Greenwich to the Thames Barrier.

South Norwood Lake

A few photographs taken on a walk that took in South Norwood Lake and Crystal Palace Park.

Folding Kayak Adventures Book

After seeing a reasonable Photobook deal on Groupon for a Printerpix photobook I decided to create a Photobook of last summer’s kayak trip from Penzance to Charmouth. I spent approximately 4 hours editing the photographs which were taken on a basic Olympus camera rather than with my SLR. Once I was happy with the photographs I uploaded them to the Printerpix website and spent another three hours creating the 40 page book with 135 of the photographs. This included converting my log into a day by day narrative of the trip. The book took a couple of weeks to arrive and I was very pleased with the results.

My Kayak Trip Photo Book

My Kayak Trip Photo Book

Surveying the Cliffs near Charmouth after the Winter Storms

On Friday I headed down to Dorset to spend some quality time with my family.  On Saturday we headed down to the beach at Charmouth to survey the results of the winter storms. The mouth of the char was open to the sea and there was clearly a lot of debris on the banks of the river. There had clearly been a great deal of movement in the cliffs with a large number of mudflows on to the beach. The cliffs towards Golden Cap looked to be in a pretty dangerous state. The shape of the beach had also changed and there was a great deal more sand – I wan’t sure if this had been washed down from Lyme Regis or had just been uncovered. The rest of the weekend was spent in Fishpond with my family.


My Favourite 25 Android Apps

Below is an alphabetical list of 25 Android Apps that I have added to my Nexus smartphone (on top of the standard suite from Google). My choice obviously reflects my needs and interests.

  • Animated Knots
  • Autodesk Sketch Pro
  • AVG Pro (Antivirus)
  • Barcode Scanner
  • BBC News
  • File Manager Pro
  • Flightradar Pro
  • Geocaching
  • Glympse
  • Helicon remote (Camera Remote)
  • IP Cam Pro
  • Met Office
  • National Rail
  • Marine Traffic
  • Marine Weather Pro
  • Navionics (Digital Marine charts)
  • Office Suite Pro
  • Quick PDF Scanner
  • Realcalc (Calculator)
  • Robovox Pro (Creates a robot voice)
  • Smart Tools (A selection of measures)
  • Skype
  • Tide7 (Tide Times)
  • Walkband (Music Playing/Production)
  • Wolfram Alpha

The storm of 2013

Yesterday’s storm was apparently the most dangerous to hit the UK since “the big one” in 1987 – it’s certainly not often you see a Force 11 mentioned in the inshore marine forecast. From London the biggest effect appeared to be that most of the train services being cancelled beforehand as a precaution making it extremely difficult for people to get in to work. The only damage I saw was a large tree had come down on to flats near to the line into London Bridge and one small tree between the Shard and Guy’s hospital that had blown over.

Not often you see a Force 11 mentioned in the inshore forecast!

Not often you see a Force 11 mentioned in the inshore forecast!

A week in Corfu

Below are a couple of photographs from a lovely week in Corfu. The effect of the economic turmoil was certainly very visible – there was a large number of half finished buildings, uncollected rubbish and political graffiti everywhere, especially in Corfu Town which was looking really scruffy. Despite this, it was a wonderful relaxing break with great weather for the time of year.

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