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A Week in Turkey

I’m just back from a week of relaxation in the resort town of Alanya in Turkey. The week was spent eating, drinking, sunbathing and swimming in the sea – a beautiful break from the hustle and bustle of London (as well as the UK weather).

Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant

I spent most of Sunday down by the Thames watching the spectacular Diamond Jubilee Pageant. After heading down to London Bridge six hours before the flotilla was due to arrive all of the publicly accessible vantage points had been taken. The stewards were less than helpful giving conflicting advice, or no advice at all. From London Bridge we took the tube up to Sloane Square from where we walked to Chelsea Bridge and along the embankment where we found a suitable spot directly opposite the Peace Pagoda in Battersea park. Three hours later the flotilla began to arrive. By this time the crowds along the bank were around ten people deep. The procession started with a number of floating floating belfry’s, followed by the main flotilla which was led by the rowing barge Gloriana. It took about 45 minutes for all of the 1000 boats of varying ages, shapes and sizes to pass. The main royal party were on board the royal barge “Spirit of Chartwell”. Once the flotilla had passed, the rain began to really threaten so it was time to head back across London to watch the remainder of the events on Television. An amazing once-in-a-lifetime event.

Incognito at the Islington Assembly Hall

On Thursday night I went to see Incognito play at the Islington Assembly Hall. As expected, the performance was awesome; it’s great to be able to see a large experienced band play in this age of short-lived manufactured acts. They played a number of songs off their new album “Surreal”, together with a selection of thier classics and a cover or two. Definitely recommended.

A Visit to the Cutty Sark at Greenwich

I have a bit of an obsession with historic boats so had eagerly awaited the completion of the reopening of the Cutty Sark at Greenwich. The iconic ship had been badly damaged by fire in 2007 and a whopping £46 million has been spent on her restoration.  From the a distance the ship once again looked proud and magnificent and I was eager to get on board to have a look around. Once on board I was extremely disappointed to see that the inside had been turned into what I could only describe as a tacky tourist attraction. Touchscreen computers and projectors were accompanied by twenty-first century stairwells and other out of place fixtures and fittings. Unlike our other famous historic ships such as Warrior, Victory or SS Great Britain I certainly wouldn’t go back on board. Instead I’ll sit outside a nearby pub and admire the Cutty Sark from where she still looks magnificent.

West Dorset Bluebells are on their way

Well I am back in West Dorset for the Easter break and have been roaming around the local woodlands in search of the bluebells which is a far cry from life in central London! I can report that the bluebells are certainly on their way but not yet in their full glory. I would expect the real spectacle to peak in around two or three weeks time (dependent on the weather). As usual, Champernhayes Forest looks like it will offer the finest spectacle. For more information please visit the Walks in West Dorset section of my website.

March 2012 Photographs

A few photographs from the month of March 2012.

Phonetic Alphabet Quiz

Use the following quiz to test your knowledge of the Nato phonetic alphabet. You have only two minutes to complete the 26 questions which are randomly ordered. Click here to download a copy of the NATO Phonetic Alphabet (PDF)

Phonetic Alphabet Quiz

Use this quiz to teach yourself the Nato phonetic alphabet.
Congratulations - you have completed the Phonetic Alphabet Quiz. You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%% You had %%TIME_ALLOWED%% seconds to complete the quiz. You took %%TIME_USED%% seconds to complete the quiz.  

Quiz Results

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  • The total number of questions. This has the same value as the %%TOTAL%% Variable on the Final Screen.
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  • Number of wrong answers. This has the same value as the %%WRONG_ANSWERS%% Variable on the Final Screen.
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A visit to Greenwich

A few photographs from a beautiful and lazy Saturday afternoon in Greenwich park. The weekend temperature was a welcome improvement from the sub zero temperatures of recent weeks. I suppose the photographs prove that you can take the boy out of the country side, but you can’t take the countryside out of the boy!

A Weekend in Portsmouth

This weekend I headed down to the city of Portsmouth.  The train took around an hour and a half from Clapham Junction with the first part of the journey through snow. I was staying at the Holiday Inn Express at the Gunwharf Quays development.  This hotel is very convenient if you want to make the most of the historic dockyard and the outlet village. During the weekend I looked around HMS Warrior, HMS Victory and took a boat tour around the harbour. Several of the new Type 45 destroyers were in port.  On Sunday I went up the Spinnaker Tower and had great fun walking over the glass floor – definitely recommended.

A trip up to Cam

Today I headed up the M5 with my brother’s family to visit my sister’s new baby in Cam. Below are a few photographs from the day.

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