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Edinburgh Photographs

The Queen at Holyrood

The QueenAfter completing a climb to the top of Arthur’s seat we went to see if we could spot the Queen. We had heard she was visiting Edinburgh as part of the celebrations to commemmorate the tenth anniversary of the reopening of the Scottish parliament. So we headed down to an area between the parliament and Holyrood palace where a large swarm of press were congregating. And sure enough, after about an hours wait Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh appeared to a very enthusistic crowd and the obligatory media scrum. Lisa was very pleased to have seen the Queen.


Katie TolhurstThis weekend I headed off to Bristol on Friday Evening to visit my sister Rebekah and her fiancé Tim. We enjoyed a meal and a few beers in the Gloucester Road area of the city. On Saturday we headed down to Dorset to say goodbye to our sister Kate (pictured) who is heading back out to Uganda. On Saturday night we had a few beers in the Bottle Inn which was almost empty compared to last week. On Sunday David and Yvonne who have just returned from their honeymoon joined the rest of the family for a Father’s Day meal at the Shave Cross Inn. We headed back to Bristol in the afternoon stopping off in Street for a couple of beers with Tim’s Dad. I arrived back in Swindon in the Evening.


Moranbah Hawks Junior Soccer Federation logoThis week I have been finishing work on the Moranbah Hawks Junior Soccer Federation Website. Moranbah is a small mining town South-West of Mackay in Queensland. I have built the site as part of my voluntary community services project. The site is  built around WordPress and has been developed in conjunction with Dave Witty from the club. If you would like to check it out the website address is

Click here to visit the Moranbah Hawks Junior Soccer Federation Website

World Nettle Eating Championship 2009 Photographs

The following photographs were taken at the 2009 world Nettle Eating Championship that is held each year at the Bottle Inn in marshwood, Dorset.


World Nettle Eating ChampionshipThis weekend I headed down to Dorset to watch the World Nettle Eating Championship at the Bottle Inn in Marshwood down in Dorset. The event attracted a huge crowd of spectators which was in stark contrast to the numbers found in the bottle inn during the winter months.   The competitors did very well this year munching on some of Dorset’s finest nettles. The music went down as well as the ale and despite being mistaken for the paparazzi I had a great time.

Click here to view some more photographs from the 2009 world Nettle Eating Championship


Rush at Thorpe ParkOn Saturday I headed down to Thorpe Park with a car load of people from work. Despite the light rain it was great fun. First up was the new Saw ride (8/10) followed by the Samurai (5/10) and my favourite ride ‘Rush’ (8/10). This was followed by Zodiac, the rumba rapids and Nemesis Inferno (7/10). We then queued for the best part of  two hours to spend twenty eight seconds on the Stealth ride (8/10) which was high epinepherine. The next ride was ‘storm in a tea cup’  (4/10) which made me feel seasick, followed by the water rides Loggers Leap (6/10) and Tidal Wave (8/10) . The last ride of the day was Vortex (7/10) which was also good fun. Definately recommended as a day out – just try to avoid the crowds as even on a rainy day it’s busy!

No photos ths week 🙁

David and Yvonne’s Wedding Photographs


David and Yvonne TolhurstThis weekend I headed down to Headley in Hampshire to attend my brother’s wedding. David and Yvonne were married in Headley Parish Church with the reception being held at the Farnham House Hotel in Surrey.

Click here to view some more photographs from my brother’s wedding


SphereThis weekend I headed down to Taunton with my sister Rebekah, Tim and Tim’s father to enjoy a day out at the cricket. Somerset ended up losing to Sussex which was a shame but after a few beers I wasn’t too bothered anyway. I did manage to learn the words to possibly the simplist sporting chant ever, although with all that cider flowing I do understand why it has to be so simple! In the evening we headed back to Bristol where we enjoyed the sunset at Clifton suspension bridge. On Sunday we headed across to Bath where we made the most of the first proper day of English summer.

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