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The RoysOn Sunday I went to Symonds Yat with my sister and her family. We parked at the top near the lookout before descending in to the valley below. We then walked along the riverbanks of the River Wye before crossing the river using the footbridge and breaking for lunch. The later part of the afternoon involved recrossing the Wye using the ancient ‘pull’ ferry and enjoying a pint at the pub before making the return journey back to Swindon.

Gloucester Photographs

West Country Holiday Photographs


IK Brunel 1859The resident Swans at Saltash are a well known attraction. A couple of years ago a Goose arrived on the scene. He wanted to hang out with all of the Swans. At first the Swans gave George a hard time. They hen-pecked him and ignored him. This didn’t deter George who stuck to his guns and gave as good as he got. Finally George was accepted as one of the Swans – his story is a little bit like ‘the ugly duckling’ but in reverse. George is well loved by the locals and is often surrounded by his entourage.

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Francis ChichesterThis week I headed down to the Naval port of Plymouth where I spent a few days exploring the impressive history of the port and surrounding area. Plymouth is famous for many things and is well worth a few days visit. I was lucky enough to enjoy some great Spring weather during my three day stay. Although much of the city was bombed out during the ‘Plymouth Blitz’ some of the old harbour remains – there are some great places to grab a bite to eat or enjoy a beer. Plymouth Hoe is definitely worth a visit and affords spectacular views out across Plymouth sound. Mount Batten is either a short ferry ride or a long walk – if you do walk be sure to take some binoculars and check out the estuary bird life.

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PheasantThis weekend I headed back down to Fishpond to begin a week off work. The wonderful weather continued into the weekend with Molly and I enjoying a beautiful walk down to the beach and back. On Sunday I managed to photograph two male pheasants which have regularly visiting the garden. The Bluebells have not arrived yet but should appear within the next couple of weeks.


Swindon Credit CrunchWith the Credit Crunch starting to bite I thought I would use my photography to document the effeect that it is having on the high street in Swindon. Often billed as the most average place in England Swindon is being hit pretty hard by the economic crisis. Several well known high street brands have altready fallen with many more expected to follow.

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Bath Half MarathonThis weekend I headed back up to Bath to watch the Bath Half Marathon with my sister Rebekah and Tim. The train was packed with spectators and competitors. There were so many people that the event had to be delayed by an hour while the road congestion cleared.


SnowmanThis week the snow come to Swindon and plenty of it! I had a wonderful week enjoying the beauty that only can snow can bring to what is normally a very ugly town. I built a brace of snowman at work (which were quickly dismantled by some body with no sense of fun. On Friday I enjoyed walking the 3 km to and from work as the busses were not running. By Sunday much of the snow had begun to melt but it has been a great treat to enjoy the snow again.


Emily RoyThis weekend I headed down to Fishpond to say goodbye to my sister Kate as she headed off to Uganda to work within a school. It was the first time in a number of years in which all five of us siblings were in the same place at the same time, which meant that the camera had to come out! Holly and Emily were on form as usual and we also managed a quick visit down to the beach at Charmouth.

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