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I have just returned from a short trip to Brisbane where I spend a day doing some internal auditing training with Qudos Management. I am now able to conduct internal audits! Whilst in Brisbane I also managed to visit the Queensland State Museum and the State Library where I had a quick look at the family history archives. This weekend I will be mowing the yard and getting ready for a presentation on Monday.

Clearing up after the floods

I have spent a few hours this morning clearing up the beach front now that the flood water has finally receded. The sand path will require some new sand from the beach as the path has been covered with a layer of silt.


I have created a new blog to use with my new website. From now on I will post all my news into this blog. You can subscribe to the RSS feeds and also leave comments.


In the past twenty four hours Mackay has seen the worst flooding in fifty years with over 600mm (0.6 metres – that’s almost a third of the annual average) recorded at some places. Many houses have been flooded and the highway is cut both sides of the city. Luckily the flooding did not coincide with a big tide otherwise it may have been much worse. I have spent the day at home waiting for the power to return and enjoying a kayak on the flood waters out the back.


I have just spent the past few weeks completely redesigning my website, which is now written in fully validated XHTML and uses more complex CSS. I plan to complete a ‘week in pictures‘ photo gallery each week. I have also been on a number of short kayak trips, at present there are thousands of large jellyfish around.


South Australian State LibraryI have just returned from a few days in Adelaide where I completed some training at the Western Adelaide General Practice Network. Whilst in the city I also managed to find time to visit the South Australian Museum, the Art Gallery of South Australia, the Botanical Gardens and Adelaide Zoo. I also did some shopping at the Rundle Mall and the central markets.

My Native American (Sioux) Tipi

The End of a Year

Work has shut down for Christmas so I am on holiday until the 6th of January. Lisa’s family are visiting for Christmas so we will be busy entertaining. We will hopefully do a little fishing and make the most of the seven metre tides and full moon. The weather has been very hot and humid, particularly during the day although I have managed to get the yard and beach front tidied up and looking good. We have also been planning and budgeting for the coming year. Apart from that, we are just looking forward to a great 2008…..

Christmas is Approaching

We are in to the final month of the year and I have been busy with the National Prescribing Service educational visiting program on Osteoporosis. At home I have spent quite a bit of time hanging out in my tipi which really looks the part now. Lisa’s family arrive in a few weeks for Christmas. I have two weeks off over Christmas to join in the festivities. Off the beach there have been plenty of Tuna around.

A Trip out to Flat Top Island

I have had a busy few days. On Thursday and Friday of last week I kayaked over to flat top island. I checked out the lighthouse which is sadly being left to fall into disrepair. I also took some photographs which can be viewed on the Flat Top island photographs page. I also checked the geocache that we placed on the island in May. Yesterday I finally erected the Tipi which I have been building over the past couple of months. You can check out the photographs on the tipi photographs page. Project information is available on the tipi project page.

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