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Christmas shopping in Bridport

Today I walked down from Fishpond Bottom to Morecombelake where I picked up the X53 coastal bus to Bridport for some Christmas shopping. Bridport still has an attractive high street for a small rural town. After finishing shopping I headed back along the coast to Charmouth before returning inland to Fishpond Bottom. In the evening I enjoyed a brisk return walk under a beautiful clear sky to the Bottle Inn at Marshwood.

Electric Unicycling Returning Boomerang Step Off – Step On Trick

A quick film of the returning boomerang step off – step on trick.

Before learning this trick you should master the simple Step-off, Step-back-on Trick and it’s variations.

This trick needs a large flat surface – an empty basketball court is perfect.

Use of appropriate safety gear is recommended and you may also want to consider protection for your EUC, as it will most likely get scraped a few times during the learning process.

Start by going slowly and practice dismounting the wheel so that it’s continuing path is a uniform curve – this requires less speed than if you want the wheel to just run in a straight line. If the surface is flat and uniform it should be possible to make the wheel return to it’s launch spot (or very close to) where you will need to jump back on to the approaching wheel. There are various options for getting back on the wheel – you can stop the wheel dead or keep rolling backwards. Alternatively you can turn around letting the wheel come through your legs before jumping back on.

Electric Unicycling EUC Tricks and Filming Techniques

Just a short video of trying out some new trick filming ideas/techniques including:

Using a motorised slider rail (horizontal & vertical). This works really well for filming tricks as the movement of the camera is more pleasing to watch than static “CCTV” footage. Filmed during a lunchtime session, the building in the background is the Shard.

3 meter selfie pole – when spinning around fast it generates loads of wind resistance and makes a crazy noise.

I have also been trying some tricks in my Tron costume – I got buzzed by the met police helicopter last night which diverted its flight path to have a look ­čÖé