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Today I took the train down to Cosham near Portsmouth where I spent half a day at the Queen Alexandra Hospital for some training. The hospital is currently half way through a multimillion pound make over and so everything is covered in dust. While I’m on the subject of makeovers, Cosham railway station could do with one – it’s by far the worst kept station I have seen yet.


On Friday I took the train down to London to visit my friends who live in Bermondsey in London. We stayed up all night on Friday night drinking and catching up on the past few years. Saturday moring arrived so we visited the soon-to-be-demolished shopping centre at Elephant and Castle where we ate at a Colombian Restaraunt. On Saturday evening we headed for the West end where we started the night at Bar Social (which certainly brought back a few memories), and after copious amounts of beer, rum and Tequila ended up in a Spanish bar. I headed back to Swindon on Sunday evening after an excellent weekend.


Today I visited the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading for some training with regards to the ARIA oncology patient management system from Varian. The software is due to be rolled out across the Thames Valley Cancer Network within the next few months.


Holly and Emily RoyYesterday I went up to Gloucester to celebrate my niece’s fifth birthday. Holly was joined by Kate, Rebekah and Tim for a meal at the Monkey Tree Bar and Restaraunt in Gloucester before we returned to Cinderford for an afternoon of High school musical songs. I returned to Swindon in the evening with my sister Kate, who got an introduction to Swindon’s infamous traffic management systems.


Royal Society of MedicineToday I took a business trip to London to attend a meeting regarding ARIA at the Royal Society of Medicine. I was shocked to find that the Swindon-London (150Km Return) train ticket cost as much as a Mackay-to-Sydney (3000Km+ Return) Air Fare – the price of trains in this country is outrageous and doesn’t exactly encourage people to give up their cars. After the meeting I took a stroll down Oxford street which was a packed as ever.


Brighton West PierThis weekend I headed off on the train down to Brighton for Chris Good’s Stag weekend. First up was clay pigeon shooting where I was a member of ‘team average’ – overall the team managed a rather sorry 50% hit rate. It was good fun anyway and I would be tempted to go again. A meal on saturday evening was followed by a number of bars, clubs and (for some of us anyway) dancing until six in the morning. A very enjoyable weekend away, although very mild when compared to a night out a decade ago.


OxfordThis week I visited the historic university town of Oxford famed for its dreaming spires and generally affluent and intelligent population. Although I did manage to get a couple of photographs my main reason for visiting was to get some clothes shopping in before the inevitable Christmas rush. I have also been looking in to doing some voluntary work within the Swindon area. In a few days I move out of the hospital accommodation and into shared accommodation in the Old town area of swindon.


AveburyThis week I visited the world heritage listed monument at Avebury. I only had an hour at the monument before the weather turned and I had to take shelter inside the village pub which sits inside the ring. Visiting the pub was entertainment in itself – a place full of new age types behaving like they were tripping out on this years crop of Liberty Cap mushrooms. I will return to Avebury in more favourable weather.

Stonehenge Photographs

The following Photographs were taken during my visit to Stonhenge in the English county of Wiltshire.


StonehengeToday I took a trip from Swindon and visited Stonehenge. I took a bus from Swindon to Amesbury from where Stonehenge is only a twenty minute walk. The place was packed with bus loads of day trippers but I still really enjoyed the experience. I would personally like to see the A303 diverted away and Stonehenge restored to its “golden era” using the traditional techniques and craftsmanship.

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