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Avebury under Snow (and it’s only December)

This weekend I was confined to Wiltshire due to the weather – this is the second cold spell we have had here in December – I can’t actually remember the last time it snowed like this so early on in winter? Avebury looked beautiful!

London Nightscapes

A Night Time Visit to Bath Spa

On Friday evening I headed over to Bath Spa to take a few nightscape photographs. The results are below.

Hell Runner 2010 Photographs

This Sunday I headed down to Longmoor Camp (Hampshire) with my friend Carrie for the Hell Runner running race. This coincided with the deepest November cold snap for a number of years which meant participants would have to make their way through neck deep icy cold bogs over the ten mile course. Unfortunately I wasn’t fit enough to run. So I just watched the entertainment. Not the greatest photographs ever (I needed my tripod and long lens) but you should get the idea….

Halloween 2010 Photographs

Benji Photographs

A selection of pictures from my attempt to photograph Benji. Unfortunately he moves rather too fast and never stays in one place for more than a few seconds. He is cute though!

London Photographs

Photographs from my lieu day trip down to London where I headed to Greenwich.

Late Summer 2010 Photographs

Rebekah and Tim’s Wedding Photographs

Here are my photographs from the wedding of Rebekah (my sister) and Tim Kidner who married on the 14th of August 2010 at Fishpond in Dorset. The reception was held at the Fairwater Hotel in Devon. I must say I am quite pleased with these photographs! This album may take a little while to load – broadband connection required!

Bluebell Woods and Family Fun

This weekend I headed back down to Dorset/Devon for a wonderful weekend in the sunshine. On Saturday morning I headed straight out to Coney’s Castle to enjoy this year’s Bluebell woods spectacle. Later on in the morning my parents and I headed over to Honiton where we joined David and Yvonne in working on their garden. A couple of hours of work saw the garden beginning to take shape. After lunch we headed back to Fishpond where I spent a glorious afternoon sunbathing in the garden. After tea I headed down to the recently reopened Bottle Inn in Marshwood for a couple of pints of San Miguel before making my way back home along the lanes. I am very pleased that the bottle inn has reopened; visiting it when home is more than just a tradition, it’s a necessity!

On returning to the pond I gathered up my newly acquired Swag and made my way up to Lambert’s Castle where I spent the night. I had the most beautiful nights sleep and awoke to the Dawn chorus ringing out over the Marshwood Vale.

On Sunday morning I went with my parents to Uplyme before walking on to Lyme Regis and then along the beach to Charmouth where I went for a swim. I then headed inland to Champernhayes Forest for yet more Bluebells. Sunday afternoon was spent in the garden before returning to Swindon on the train after what was a glorious weekend.

Below are a small selection of photographs from the weekend.

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