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A visit to the Occupy London Protest Site

On Sunday I decided to go on a long walk around the city of London to try and get my bearings. In the process, I happened across the Occupy London protest site outside the cathedral of St Paul’s. If I was to have believed what had been printed in certain sections of the press and reported through the BBC, I was expecting to find an obstructive, filthy camp full of abusive drunks. There were certainly a large number of tents but the site was tidy and as far as I could tell there were no problem with access. The protesters were also polite and answered my questions in a coherent manner. I have a great admiration for people who peacefully stand up for what they believe, even if I don’t always agree with their ideology. I believe that the long traditions of peaceful protest in this country should be celebrated rather than criminalised.

The Wedding Reception of Nadia and Ilyas

On Saturday I headed over to Walthamstow Assembly Hall for the wedding reception of my friend Nadia (whom I used to work with in Swindon) and her now husband Ilyas. This was my first time at a big muslim wedding reception and it was wonderful experience. I sat with the Swindon contingent of friends and ex-colleagues. I took a few pictures, although I couldn’t quite get the lighting perfect in the Assembly hall!

Late Summer Photographs

A few photographs from the end of August and  September. I have had an amazing couple of months in the teepee, although I have been busy during the weekends with one thing or another. I only plan to spend a few more weeks in the teepee before I’ll hopefully be heading into the big smoke – it’s certainly going to be a bit of a shock to the system!

A few more Teepee Photographs

Here are a few more photographs of my beautiful teepee home at an undisclosed location in rural Wiltshire. I’m now five months into my teepee living project with only six weeks left until I move back in to a more conventional home.

Teepee Living Adventure

Photographs from my 2011 tipi (teepee) living project - my attempt to spend the summer living in a tipi with no electricity at an undisclosed location in rural Wiltshire.

Australian Teepee Project

Photographs taken during the realization of my Soux tipi project.

The start of my Tipi (Teepee) Living Adventure

I am not sure what exactly made me decide that I wanted to spend the six months living in a teepee but I moved in three weeks ago and have loved every minute of my experience so far: the weather has been exceptionally kind for April.

I am staying at an undisclosed camp ground location in rural Wiltshire and am completing the adventure in aid of my sister’s work in Uganda.

Here are a few photographs from the start of my teepee living adventure project. I’m still waiting for my wood burning stove and flooring to arrive.

The South Wales Three Peaks Trial (33Km)

On Friday I headed off to Abergavenny with some friends to take part in the South Wales Three Peaks Trial in which we walked the gold route. This is in preparation for tackling the three peaks of Ben Nevis, scawfell Pike and Snowdon in the summer. Friday evening was spent in a pub where we worked out the route over a few drinks. We stayed the night at the Pyscodlyn Caravan park where I used my trusty my bivy bag (which I used on last year’s kayak expedition) and got a better nights sleep than the others who slept in the tents.

This actual event  involved the ascent of three mountain peaks: Blorenge (559m), Sugar Loaf (596m) and Sirrid Fawr (486m). After registering, we set off from Abergavenny at around 08:15 and headed towards Blorenge where we scrambled our way up to the peak and our first checkpoint. The descent was much easier which was followed by a walk along the canal path and across the valley to the second checkpoint at Glangrwyney Bridge. The second peak involved a less taxing ascent along a long ridge. after checking in at the top of sugar loaf, we headed back down the other side of the mountain before stopping at the pub for some lunch and a drink. The final peak of Sirrid Fawr wasn’t quite a high as the other two peaks although the final 100 metres were pretty steep! From the checkpoint at the top, it was a simply a case of wandering back down to Abergavenny to check in just before 18:00 and enjoy a cup of warm soup after a wonderful day out on the hills. The weather was pretty much perfect for walking (dry and cool), although not for photography due to the substantial haze.

Stats were as follows: Total Distance: 33.04 Km | Moving Time: 7 Hours 40 Minutes | Stopped Time: 2 Hours 15 Minutes | Moving Average: 4.3 km/h | Overall average: 3.3km/h | Total Ascent: 1481 metres

Below are a few photographs from the day.