Short Dated and Slow Moving Stock Register

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page forms part of my GPC CPD portfolio and is therefore my personal opinion and in no way reflects the opinion or policy of my employer.

The purpose of this concept was to provide a central registry of short dated medicines for a large multisite hospital which can be viewed by all stock holders across the organisations intranet.

  • When short dated or slow moving stock is identified by a stock holder, an entry is made in the register.
  • The register is accessible via the intranet.
  • An entry is recording using a wizard which pulls all of the necessary information from the pharmacy computer system.
  • All stock holders receive a weekly email providing information on all of the products on the list.
  • Stock holders receive an alert when any packs that have been recorded on the register from their location is just about to expire.
  • If it is possible to use any products before the expire then this is recorded on the register.
  • The register can be used as part of the inventory management process for the department to minimise risk and wastage.
  • The system could be extended to accommodate logging of “out of stock” and stock discrepancies.