This page contains a collection of some of my photography.
Penzance to Charmouth Folding Kayak Adventure

Photographs from my 2013 solo kayak trip from Penzance to Charmouth.

Lands End John o Groats Solo Kayak Trip 2010

Photographs from my 2010 solo kayak trip from Lands End to John o Groats.

East Coast of Australia Solo Kayak Odyssey 2004

Photographs from my 2004 solo kayak trip down the east coast of Australia.


Light Painting London Southbank

Photographs from an early Light Painting session along London's Southbank.

Light Painting

Photographs from an early hours light painting session @ South Norwood recreation ground.


Jonathan Tolhurst

Personal photographs from days gone by.

Clowning Around

A collection of photographs of clowning around.


London Portraits

Portrait Photographs taken during March 2012.

Avebury Ring

Photographs from the world heritage listed site of Avebury in Wiltshire.


Photographs from in and around the wonderful West country city of Bristol


Photography from Scotland.

Candles on the Cobb

Photographs from the Lyme Regis \"Candles on the Cobb\" event.


Photographs taken in and around the beautiful Dorset village of Fishpond Bottom.


Photographs from Stonehenge. Despite being a tourist trap, the monument is truly awe inspiring!

Bath Spa

Photographs taken in and around the beautiful city of Bath Spa.


Photography from the beautiful Wiltshire town of Devizes.

South Wales 3 Peaks Trial

Photographs from the 2011 South Wales three peaks challenge.

Jurassic Coast

A selection of photographs that I have taken along the length of the spectacular Jurassic coast.


Photographs from England\'s capital city.

Eastbourne and Beachy Head

Photographs from a 2011 visit to Eastbourne and the impressive Beachy Head.

Plymouth and Truro

Photography from a 2009 trip down to Plymouth and Truro.

Portland and Weymouth

Photographs taken around Weymouth and the wonderful Portland Bill.


Photographs taken in around the beautiful historical city of Gloucester.

Lundy Island

Photographs from a wonderful trip out to Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel on the MV Oldenberg.

Cannington Viaduct

Photographs from a walk out to the impressive disused viaduct at Cannington.


Photographs taken in and around the Wiltshire town of Swindon.


Photographs from the beautiful city of York.


Photographs from the historic naval city of Portsmouth.



Photographs from two trips to Marrakech in Morocco - the first in 2008 and the second in 2011.


Photography from the South Pacific islands of Vanuatu (New Hebridies). Most of the photographs were taken on Ambrym.


Photographs from Thailand.


Teepee Living Adventure

Photographs from my 2011 tipi (teepee) living project - my attempt to spend the summer living in a tipi with no electricity at an undisclosed location in rural Wiltshire.

Australian Teepee Project

Photographs taken during the realization of my Soux tipi project.


Wedding - Craig and Vicky

Photographs from Vicky and Craigs wedding which took place at Munstone House, near Hereford.

Wedding - David and Yvonne

Photographs from my brother's 2009 wedding.

Wedding - Tim and Rebekah

Photographs from my sister's 2010 wedding.


Trekking in the Wet Tropics

Photographs from my 2004 240 Km solo trek through the wet tropics in Northern Queensland.


Photographs taken during a business trip to the Australian Capital, Canberra in 2008.

Middle Percy Island

Photographs from the magical island of Middle Percy Island. Situated off the central Queensland coast, the island is a tropical paradise with a real story to rival any pirate novel.


Photographs from the spectacular New South Wales metropolis of Sydney.

Mackay Gooseponds Crocodile

Photographs of the notorious crocodile who took up residence in Mackay\'s goose ponds in 2008.

Boating Accident - 2005

Photographs of my horrific encounter with a boat propeller in the dead of night.

Sarina Beach

Photographs from my 2005 down at Sarina Beach.

Joe Dryburgh

A few photographs of my old friend Joe Dryburgh.

Tully River Whitewater Rafting

Photographs taken during a 2007 trip down the mighty Tully river in Northern Queensland.