Fishpond Bottom

This page contains a gallery of from in and around the beautiful Dorset village of Fishpond Bottom. Named after the Fishpond (managed by the National Trust) which was created by some breakaway monks from Abbotsbury, Fishpond Bottom is a tiny little village that seems to have been half forgotten by time.

The Iron age hill forts of Lambert’s and Coney’s Castle are a short walk away, as are Wooton or Champernhayes Woods. Coney’s castle and Champernhaye’s Woods are at their most spectacular during the bluebell season – usually the last week of April or the first week in May. I also love to sit up on Lambert’s castle looking out over the Marshwood Vale at any time of the year. Charmouth is also a pleasant walk over the fields and down to the beach where one can indulge in a fossil hunt or an ice cream.

The nearest Pub is the world famous Bottle Inn in Marshwood (hopefully about to reopen very soon) which is an easy walk, although anyone walking back after one-too-many pint in the dark must be warned to watch out for the mythical Fishpond badger-monsters that lurk along the road at night waiting for their next unweary victim(s). Other wildlife includes foxes, deer,  grey squirrels and plenty of rabbits.

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