East Coast of Australia Solo Kayak Odyssey

This page contains information on my 2004-2005 solo kayak trip down the east coast of Australia.
In late 2004 I spent four months kayaking down the east coast of Australia. For this journey I used a Current Designs Storm sea kayak.

I set out from Trinity inlet in Cairns before making my way slowly down the coast, visiting Innisfail. One of the highlights of the trip was Hinchinbrook island national park where I got to walk some of the Thorsborne trail. I continued south reaching Townsville where I stopped for a few days.

After Townsville I had a wonderful few weeks exploring Bowling Green National Park, Cape Bowling Green (Cape Bowling Green lighthouse can now be found in Sydney at the Maritime museum) and Cape Upstart. After Cape Upstart I visited Camp Island where I was a guest of the island caretakers before arriving into Bowen where I stayed for about a week. Whilst in Bowen my kayak was vandalised on the beach although thankfully I was able to repair it.

From Bowen I headed into the beautiful Whitsundays, visiting Middle, Gloucester, Saddleback and Grassy Island. After a few days in Airlie beach I headed off to South Molle island before popping into Genesta bay where I was bumped by two inquisitive sharks. I then headed for the Repulse Islands before continuing through to Midge Point, Gould, Pigeon and Rabbit Islands before reaching Cape Hillsborough.

After Cape Hillsborough I continued along the coast to Mackay where I stopped for a few days due to the weather. I then continued
along to Sarina Beach where I spent some time with the locals. I did paddle on down to Cape Palmerston before heading back to Sarina Beach where I stayed for the rest of my vacation.

I really enjoyed my journey both in terms of the things I saw as well as the self discovery. I met met great people along the way and you cannot beat setting off into a beautiful early morning sunrise or watching the sun set over the mainland. One day I would like to kayak around the whole of Australia.