Making News

This page contains a few of the media articles that I have featured in.

Inverness Solo Kayak Odyssey (UK Canoe Kayak Magazine, 01/2011)

The Things People Do To Get Out Of Work (GWH Horizon, 12/2010)

Oarsome Charity Kayak Marathon (Swindon Advertiser, 25/05/2010)

Novel Charity Offer Article (Daily Mercury, 03/03/2008)

Website Design Article (Daily Mercury, 07/2007)

Percy Island Email (Tnt Magazine, 05/2005)

Kayaking Article (Page 1) (TNT Magazine, 05/2005)

Kayaking Article (Page 2) (TNT Magazine, 05/2005)

Kayaking Letter (TNT Magazine, 01/2005)