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Moranbah Hawks Junior Soccer Federation logoThis week I have been finishing work on the Moranbah Hawks Junior Soccer Federation Website. Moranbah is a small mining town South-West of Mackay in Queensland. I have built the site as part of my voluntary community services project. The site is  built around WordPress and has been developed in conjunction with Dave Witty from the club. If you would like to check it out the website address is

Click here to visit the Moranbah Hawks Junior Soccer Federation Website


Mainstream Community Association IncorporatedThis week I have been working on a website for the Mainstream Community Association. Mainstream Community Association Incorporated was established in Mackay in 1996 and the aim of this service is to provide support services to people living in the Mackay community in the accommodation of their choice and who have a psychiatric disability. This site is being built as part of my voluntary community services project. The site is built around the Joomla CMS. If you would like to check it out the website address is

Click here to visit the Mackay Community Association Incorporated Website


Mackay Recovery in MotionI spent a couple of hours on Monday and Tuesday putting together a basic website for the Mackay Regional Mental Health Network. The website which initially contains information on events for Mental Health Week will be extended over the forthcoming weeks and months to provide comprehensive information on mental health resources within the Mackay area. The brief was to design something quickly with lots of colour using stakeholders logos.

Click here to visit the Mackay Recovery in Motion Website

Mackay Goospond’s Crocodile Photographs

I finally managed to take some reasonable photographs of the infamous Mackay Goosepond’s Crocodile. The estuarine crocodile was busy sunning itself in its favourite spot on the banks of the Mackay Gooseponds. A small crowd had gathered and a ranger from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service was in attendance. The Rangers plan to catch the crocodile by harpooning him. He will be relocated to a crocodile farm. Update: The Goosepond’s Crocodile was captured in the following months and relocated to a crocodile farm.

My personal view point is that we should learn to love and respect these wonderful creatures.

Photograph (High Quality) for download

Click here to download a high quality photograph of the Goosepond’s Crocodile (2.2MB JPEG – To save right click and select “save target as”. You are free to use this photograph as long as you reference this site).

Gooseponds Croc Video

The End of a Year

Work has shut down for Christmas so I am on holiday until the 6th of January. Lisa’s family are visiting for Christmas so we will be busy entertaining. We will hopefully do a little fishing and make the most of the seven metre tides and full moon. The weather has been very hot and humid, particularly during the day although I have managed to get the yard and beach front tidied up and looking good. We have also been planning and budgeting for the coming year. Apart from that, we are just looking forward to a great 2008…..

Christmas is Approaching

We are in to the final month of the year and I have been busy with the National Prescribing Service educational visiting program on Osteoporosis. At home I have spent quite a bit of time hanging out in my tipi which really looks the part now. Lisa’s family arrive in a few weeks for Christmas. I have two weeks off over Christmas to join in the festivities. Off the beach there have been plenty of Tuna around.

My Humpback Whale Encounter

In the past week I have been privileged to kayak with a fifteen metre humpback whale and also a school of approximately twenty dolphin. I spent about an hour with the whale as it hung out near dudgeon point. The whole experience was one of the most amazing few hours of my life as she swam inquisitively around me.

Help Stop whaling for good. Visit the Greenpeace or Sea Shepherd websites and sign the petition.

Visiting Botany Bay for the Annual NPS Facilitators Conference

I have just returned from the annual National Prescribing Service facilitator conference which was held down at Brighton le Sands on Botany Bay. The conference was held over two days and included a number of workshops, informative talks and lots of networking. On the Friday I managed to go downtown to do a little shopping and also visit the Sydney international boat show on Darling Harbour.

Business in Brisbane

I have just returned from a couple of days in Brisbane. I spent a day doing some training with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia (for Home Medicines Review Facilitation) and a day with the National Prescribing Service learning about the latest topic ‘Selective Use of Antibiotics’. Back in Mackay it continues to rain (unlike in Brisbane where the continue to have the worst drought on record). I have however managed to restore our wedding path to its former glory. At work I have been concentrating on getting the new website up and running whilst I wait for the next round of visiting to start. Lisa is now on school holidays. I celebrate my birthday in a couple of days!

Trying out the Hydrophone

The last few weeks have been pretty quiet with the temperature getting down to about 5C at night. I am in the final stages of finishing our latest website. I have been out a number of times on the kayak with my latest toy – a hydrophone,  although all I have managed to hear so far is the tug boat engines at the port of hay point. We hope to get some decent recordings of the local dolphins and maybe even the Dugongs.