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West Dorset Bluebells are on their way

Well I am back in West Dorset for the Easter break and have been roaming around the local woodlands in search of the bluebells which is a far cry from life in central London! I can report that the bluebells are certainly on their way but not yet in their full glory. I would expect the real spectacle to peak in around two or three weeks time (dependent on the weather). As usual, Champernhayes Forest looks like it will offer the finest spectacle. For more information please visit the Walks in West Dorset section of my website.

Bluebell Photographs

The following Photographs are of the spectacular Bluebell woods at Coney’s Castle and Champernhayes (or Wooton) woods in Dorset. The Bluebell specatacle takes palce in April or early May each year.


Coney's Castle BluebellsThis weekend I headed down to Dorset to visit the beautiful bluebell woods in dorset. The spectacle has been a little late this year but has been well owrth the wait. Rising early on Saturday I headed down up to the iron age hill fort of Coney’s Castle where I grabbed some shots of this beautiful spectacle. My photographs really do not do justice to the beauty of the forest – if you ever get a chance make sure you head down to the woods one day in late April or early May. Just watch out for the teddy bears picinic!